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Clayful Pottery is Closing 1/31/2020

Clayful Pottery is closing 1/31/2020.

You can still pick up your painted pieces until 1/19, during normal business hours.  12-5 everyday, closed Tuesday & Wednesday.

From 1/20 thru 1/31, please call to make arrangements to pick up your pieces or if you have any questions.

Marita 412-523-7445 or Rosanna 412-527-0019.

To all of our amazing & wonderful customers that have painted with us over the years, it has been our pleasure!  We thank you for bringing your children, your families, your friends to paint with us.  We have loved being a part of your life & are proud that a piece of Clayful Pottery will be in your homes.

Gratefully & with love,

Marita & Rosanna

Clayful Pottery



Who We Are


Founded in 2011, Clayful Pottery is family owned & operated.  We strive to have a friendly atmosphere, where everyone is welcome!!!  All ages can enjoy a variety of projects here at Clayful Pottery.
We believe everyone has an artist inside them, looking to express themselves and we want to help you find your inner artist.  
Please get in touch today to learn more about what you can do at Clayful Pottery.

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Welcome to Clayful Pottery

Clayful Pottery serves the community by providing them with the best tools for getting inspired and creating art. We provide classes for all ages. Find out more information and join us today.
Making art is a complex process, but it doesn’t have to be!!!  Although it takes a genius to create a masterpiece, everyone has the ability to create beautiful works of art.


What We Envision

At Clayful Pottery, our mission is to have a relaxed environment for everyone!  Whether you’re grown or a kid or anything else, you have a place here.  We have lots of ways for you to express your creativity.  Clayful Pottery is here for you.



More classes will be listed soon!

Art Class

Paint Your Own Pottery

Largest Selection of Pottery in Pittsburgh

If you are looking for something fun, relaxing & useful to do with your family, friends or even by yourself;  You have found Clayful Pottery.  
Simply select a piece of pottery from huge selection, & start painting.  Our studio fee is just $5 for kids 12 & under; $7 for adults.  You pay a studio fee & the price of the pottery, no other fees. 
If you have never done this, you need to give it a try, we are always happy to help you get started.  We have idea books, stencils, stamps, a wide variety of tools & so many colors to choose from. 
You'll be a Pro in no time!!!

Clay Hand Building

Get Your Hands DIRTY!

Get your hands dirty with a fun and interactive Independent Studio class today. All students love Independent Studio and feel extremely accomplished after leaving. Class sizes are kept small in order to ensure each participant gets enough attention from the instructor. Independent Studio class is also a great way to mingle and meet other local artists in the Pittsburgh community.

Shaping Clay

Get in Touch

Ready to make some art with us? Contact us today.

8105 Perry Highway, Lower level, rear, Pittsburgh, PA 15237, USA

(412) 523-7445 or 412-527-0019